LIR RIPE services

Service Registration fee, incl. first year, EUR* Each next year, EUR* Each next year for our customers, EUR*
AS 100,00 100,00 50,00
IPv4 /24 - 120,00 100,00
IPv4 /23 - 120,00 100,00
IPv4 /22 - 120,00 100,00
IPv6 /48 300,00 150,00 100,00
*Prices are in EUR, the amount of the annual subscription fee is recalculated in UAH according to the interbank exchange rate on the day of invoicing.

NCC member Data center Colocall is a member of the RIPE NCC, the European Association of Local Internet Registrars (LIR), whose main functions are monitoring and allocation of IPv4, IPv6 address space and autonomous systems (AS).