The Colocall Data Center

The Colocall Data Center was created on 23 March 2000 by a team of keen persons, guided by Sergey Gulchuk. Far back in the year of 2000, nobody even thought about creation of such business; it was a pioneer idea and a new experience. Nevertheless, it was in August of the same year, when the data center began to provide services to its first client.

With the course of time, the business has grown, the team has strengthened, the clients have begun to react with an interest, and the industry has gained competitors as well new solutions.

However, to be the first means to be revolutionizing. It was for the first time ever, when the business of data centers and data processing centers was represented by Colocall LLC and we have continued such glorious traditions of the pioneer's work.

At present, the range of the company's offers includes both well-known solutions for equipment location and the newest trends and tendencies — cloud structures with various *aaS designs and implementation forms.

We are striving to satisfy our clients due to interesting offers in real (physical servers) and virtual spheres (virtual servers) and take into account market conditions as well as complicated competitive environment.

The contemporary solutions provided by Colocall data center are characterized by sufficient reliability, capacity, and scalability in order to meet all new requirements of its clients and, simultaneously, follow the glorious traditions of sustainability, which have been always present in our company.

The distinction of our business has included, at all times, our modesty and austerity in our solutions. However, we are not implementing these principles to the detriment of capacity and efficiency of our offers. This is what we were doing before and are doing now. Using our services you will always have the best ratio of price/efficiency in the market if you are really interested in it.

We are proud that the experience of our engineers, their knowledge and skills have always helped the businesses build correct configurations with help of our best practices of developing various services accounting any complexity of client demands. The attitude of our engineers, who are experienced, attentive and focused on each assignment that you set, will always ensure that we achieve the highest results, with minimum investments.

It should be emphasized that we intend to resort to unconventional approaches. For this very reason, our data centers are a little bit different, just like our site and this text as well as numerous other things. We do not like clichés; we always strive to invent something ourselves; we always find such ways out and we ensure attainment of such results that are often unattainable for others.

We are supporting the idea that any business has the human face. Thus, Colocall represents everything what has been contributed into it by all people, who participated in it. It should be pointed out that all stages of our company's development, the company has been led by real professionals, engineers, who are united, primarily due to their interest in the business that we have been carrying out. We are proud of working in our company as well as of providing services to our customers.