Ready made bare metal (dedicated) servers

Dedicated (bare metal) server - is a service of providing a separate physical server for rent. The following configurator allows to design a server of the necessary productivity, which we will be happy to provide within 15 minutes after payment. More information about the service.

You can order server with the necessary performance in the specialized configurator. Server with ordered configuration will be provided within a few hours after ordering.

  MB Cores Freq RAM HDD SSD Total
Setup Configuration
Internet bandwidth*
Mbps world
Internet bandwidth UA
Gbps ua
Cloud disk HDD
port 1 Gbps
Total** EUR
*Traffic in the channels is unlimited, you have to select only the bandwidth of the channel.
**Payment is made in UAH at the current interbank rate. In case of need VAT 20% is charged additionally.
***X8 - platform X8 Supermicro. Up to two processors Intel of Nehalem microarchitecture on 1 server. Memory DDR3 ECC Registered. Intel Tylersburg chipset: 6 x SATA, 2 x Ethernet 1Gbps, IPMI.
X9 - platform X9 Supermicro. Up to two processors Intel of Intel Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge microarchitecture. Memory DDR3 ECC Registered. Intel Patsburg chipset: 10 x SATA, 2 x Ethernet 1Gbps, IPMI.
X10 - platform X10 Supermicro. Up to two Intel processors of Intel Haswell or Broadwell-Ex microarchitecture. Memory DDR4 ECC Registered. Intel Wellsburg chipset: 10 x SATA, 2 x Ethernet 1Gbps, IPMI.
****HT, Hyper-threading. Intel Hyper-Threading Technology (Intel HT) provides more efficient usage of processor resources, allowing to execute 2 threads on each core. If it is supported by processor, the number of threads (logical cores) will be twice as large as the number of physical threads, as indicated in the table above.