ColoCall company is the first Ukrainian Internet provider specializing in information placement on the Internet. March 23, 2000 is considered officially the day the company began to operate.

The main services of the company are colocation is the customer's servers placement on the company's technical area with their subsequent connection to the Internet, leased servers (dedicated) and virtual servers, sites hosting on the company's server - web hosting. In addition, the company offers services such as configuration and maintenance of server software, the supply of industrial enclosures and server platforms.

Colocall's team consists of specialists whose qualification allows the company to be the leader in many areas. The average age of the company's employees is 28 years. All key specialists have at least 7 years experience in the subject area in different companies.

All company's technological equipment and customer's servers are located in specially equipped sealed areas, which are separated from the rest of the premises. The equipment in the sealed areas is protected from dust, moisture and other environmental influences.

The necessary microclimate in the hermetic zones is supported by powerful industrial air-conditioners. The total thermal capacity allows to keep the temperature in case of several air conditionersfailure, discouraging critical overheating of the equipment. Power is supplied by two independent inputs with automatic switching between them. The quality of the power supply corresponds to the first category.

All equipment is constantly monitored by an automatic monitoring system. On technical platforms skilled engineers are on duty 24/7.

Operator workstations are equipped to let customers to serve their servers, from which it is possible to have console access to the servers. You can get access to the servers through a remote console.

Clients of the company are not only private individuals, companies, banks, but also a lot of Internet providers, which shows the highest quality of the company's services.

The office, as well as one of the main technical areas of the company, is located not far from the city center, 52-58 Turhienievskaya street. The main data center is on the 6 Budindustriyi str. Multichannel contact phone is +38 044 461 79 88.