Object storage (S3)

Object storage is the data storage service accessible via public internet. We offer a solution based on free implementing protocol that is almost completely compatible with all S3 capabilities. Object storages are best suited for data storing such as media files, archives, backups, databases dumps, virtual machine images, etc. Maximum supported size of one object is 5 terabytes; maximum number of objects that can be loaded / unloaded during one session — 10,000.

Our solution uses secure protocol for data exchange. HTTPS. Customer's software should have S3 protocol support for operations with objects in the storage.

The location of the DC Colocall S3 Storage is in close proximity to the consumer, namely in the direct availability of all Ukrainian traffic exchange points gives the opportunity to use it with maximum speed and minimum delays, in some cases 40-100 times faster than most American and European counterparts. In many cases of this service usage your data will be faster presented to your customers the same number of times, which is often very important for the speed of your resources and applications response.

Object storage Total

Storage bandwidth
Monthly fee* EUR
*Payment is made in UAH at the current interbank rate. In case of need VAT 20% is charged additionally.